About Us

Ruby by Nature products were born out of necessity. Ruby is a business owner, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a passionate health conscious individual, and the founder and creator of Ruby by Nature products. Ruby has always had extremely sensitive skin and would immediately have an adverse reaction to over the counter cosmetic skincare products. In 2018 Ruby began to notice that her hair was thinning at a rapid rate with visible bald patches and there was nothing natural and plant based on department store shelves that helped reduce or reverse her thinning hair. Luckily Ruby has a PHD in Google and a Masters in perseverance. After a year of trial and error using her home remedies on herself, she had a breakthrough with her first product, Ruby by Nature Miracle Hair Treatment Oil. She has had tremendous success with her Hair Oil and has accomplished a loyal following of customers who trust her products and have reported great success in getting their hair health back and in some cases even reporting new hair growth. Ruby was given a huge shot of confidence after the success of her Miracle Hair Treatment Oil and began creating a line of 100% natural and plant based cosmetic products. Today Ruby by Nature is happy to offer 5 products, with more on the way!